I moved to Bonaire when I was 11 years old with my parents. 2012 Youth Champion
I started windsurfing at 13 years and looked very much up to all the big windsurfers from Bonaire, that’s what I wanted also.

So I started training, training and training……. In 2011 PWA came to Bonaire and there were not enough girls to compete so I went for it and did my first PWA event, I was very nervous and still am when I have to compete.
It was a very good experience and everybody was so nice it felt like one big family. 
I still like competing because you will see everybody again and it feels like family you didn’t see for a long time.
Now I am in my last year off school and hope that next year I can do some traveling and windsurfing in different places.
I would love to go to Brazil and Cape Town and windsurf there, although Bonaire is very good in the winter time for training.
Well we will see what the future will bring……..