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Rookie Team rider and Bonaire hot shot Maxime van Gent (NB-22) wins the Sorobon Masters girls freestyle.

Congratulations Maxime!

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Jibe City 25Years Part3 Freestyle Demo Pro's1 Windsurfing Freestyle Action SOROBON BONAIRE Jun.2014

Maxime Van Gent (Fanatic / North Sails) is only 18 years old but is already a promise of female freestyle. The blonde freestyler trains in Bonaire and its level increases continuously: After Spock archived and variations, Grubby Funnell and now is focusing on Kono Switch and Shaka. Here's the video, edited by Kuma Movie.




It looks like competition is heating up ahead of the first PWA freestyle event of the year as two of the finest rising stars in ladies freestyle release video clips of their training in Bonaire. We are fortunate to get a quick insight into what we can expect during the heats that will take place at the home of the current freestyle world champion, Kiri Thode. Whilst Oda Johanne is laying it down with many of the new school tricks, Maxime van Gent who just turned 18, is clearly pushing on a similar level and will be clocking in the training hours right up until the last day. The home-spot advantage can also play a big part in Maxime’s favour as well. Either way, it’s great to see the level of freestyle amongst the girls continues to rise fast