Windsurfing Freestyle Action SOROBON BONAIRE May.2014 with Maxime - NB22

A BadToro is never afraid of challenges. A BadToro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a BadToro never give up, and always keeps on trying. A BadToro is not afraid of trying to reach for those goals many other find impossible. To become the BadToro of the month you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.
2011 and 2012 PWA Freestyle Women Youth Champion, and one of the youngest competitors on the PWA world tour, 17 year old Maxime van Gent is the windsurfer to keep an eye on these days.
An aspiring young competitor with a never say die attitude
Maxime van Gent (Fanatic / North / Maui Ultra Fins) is one of the youngest competitors on the PWA World Tour. However, despite being just seventeen years old, van Gent, has alreadyamassed a significant amount of competition experience having made her debut in Bonaire during 2011. With three years of contests under her belt, combined with the motivation, perseverance and drive to succeed, van Gent stands as one of the up and coming young talents that needs to be monitored carefully over the next few years, as she possesses the potential to make it to the very top of the sport. We caught up with Maxime to find out more about her freestyle background - read the interview below:
Maxime van Gent is one of the most promising international Freestylers - with only 17 years of age.
17 years old, blonde hair, that’s the new windsurf talent in the team of NorthSails and Fanatic: Maxime van Gent. The Dutch lives on Bonaire where she first came in touch with windsurfing. Only two years after her first steps on the board, Maxime being 15 by then, already took part in her first PWA contest. She finished 7th in the overall ranking. This year she made it to 5th place in the PWA Freestyle contest on Fuerteventura. Not the only reason to get to know this talented, good looking Dutch girl a little better.
Maxime, congratulations on your 5th place at the PWA Freestyle contest on Fuerteventura. What does this success mean to you?
I’m super happy about it. We had lots of good wind on Bonaire during the last year. I was training a lot, but not as much as I actually wanted to as I also had to get through my exams. That’s why this 5th place motivates me to train even more intensively next year.
You and your family moved to Bonaire when you were 12 years old. On your webpage it says that in the beginning you were anything but interested in windsurfing. Why?
I did gymnastics in the Netherlands and when I came to Bonaire I was looking for something similar to do. I never heard of windsurfing before and therefore thought I wouldn’t like it.
What changed? How come today you are such an enthusiastic windsurfer?
After one year, a good friend took me to Sorobon. There I tried windsurfing for the first time. The first days, I just kept trying because I really liked the scenery there and it impressed me how all the windsurfers did their tricks on the water. Then I got more and more motivated to do it myself and I never gave it up from then on. After a few weeks I was able to plane – I’ll never forget that feeling. I realized I was addicted then!
Which hobbies do you have besides windsurfing?
Stand Up Paddling, Snorkeling and Wakeboarding.
Who’s your biggest role model?
In sports? Actually I don’t have anyone in particular. Anyone who’s following whatever he or she loves is my idol.
And besides sports? Who’s your idol there?
I think the answer is the same: Anyone who does what he/she loves.
How do you learn new moves?
I ask the boys how they do it and then I go on the water and just try it over and over again. After that I ask again and watch them doing it. Besides that I watch the videos on Continentseven. But most of the time I just practice until I succeed.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
At the moment I just live from day to day and enjoy life. I have no idea what the next ten years will bring for me but I hope that I will still enjoy life as much as I do and will be still windsurfing!
Maxime, thanks for the conversation!!



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