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Posted by Amado Vrieswijk - NB20 on Thursday, 21 May 2015

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It's official..!! Two of the Bonairean professional windsurfers will be touring in Europe this season attending a variety of competitions organized by thePWA World Tour Windsurfing and the European Freestyle Pro Tour.. Maxime Nb-22 ranked #6 in the World Women's Freestyle Ranking, and Amado Vrieswijk - NB20 ranked #4 in the 2014 men's World Freestyle Ranking..!! The Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association is proud to be their main sponsors this year and wishes them best of luck on their tour..!! Like the post, share the excitement and wish them lots of luck..!! — with Maxime Nb-22 and Amado Vrieswijk - NB20.

Our Plan!!

by Amado Vrieswijk NB20 and Maxime van Gent NB22

This year we are up for something utterly cool and very different.

Instead of crossing the Atlantic several times as in previuos years to attend all the key windsurf tournaments , thus paying expensive tickets and access-fees for equipmentbags AND only seeing Airports, the event-hotel and the Beaches- we now chose to invest in a mobile home, go touring and explore all windy plus exciting places in Europe.

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Contract signed now let the good new's come out !! Ibonaire

Bonhata Euro trip 2015